Katie and Wiecor VA 9-14-14

Katie Haugh and Wiecor VA owned by March Enders at Morven Park Leesburg, VA

KBH Equestrian was founded to bring focus on three areas:

  • Rider Development
    Regardless of riding discipline, age, or skill, classical dressage provides a strong foundation enabling riders to achieve better communication, balance, connection, and harmony with their equine partner.  We specialize in incorporating the right elements of dressage into the training of all riders and horses who train with us.
  • Horse Development
    Understanding how a horse reacts to its environment, its rider, and what is being asked of it is central to developing a training plan with the “right pace of progress” to bring out the best in the horse.  We take the time to observe the horse, discuss objectives/issues with the owner and then set a development plan with reasonable goals and clear milestones.
  • Equine Matching
    Whether acquiring or selling, mis-matching horse and rider is one of the most common mistakes.  We work with our clients to make sure there are clear objectives that can serve as criteria for matching the right horse with the rider.



Katie and March Ender’s Wiecor at Dressage at Devon 2013

Katie is a certified USDF Instructor, she offers flexible lesson programs to her students, with instruction catering to each client’s individual needs.  She is available for appointments on both weekends and weekdays.

Customized lessons are private and based on the needs and experience of the individual rider. Feel free to bring your horse, or take a lesson on one of our lesson horses.

 KBH Equestrian Lesson Block Prices 2016

Please contact Katie to inquire or schedule your lesson.